Extending the Life of Your Roof
12/24/2008  |  by: Jim Stewart
What steps can you take to take care of and extend the life of your roof? This article gives you tips applicable for both residential and commercial roofs.

Proper Attic Ventilation
12/24/2008  |  by: Jim Stewart
With the extreme heat of Texas summers, proper attic ventilation and insulation is a must. Winter and moisture buildup is another concern. Learn what you can do to efficiently ventilate your roof.

Proactive Measures Against Roof Leaks
12/24/2008  |  by: Jim Stewart
There is no sure fire way to tell when, or whether, your roof will begin to leak. But there are some measures you can take to make sure your roof continues to perform.

Did you know...

The age of the roof is not taken into account when an adjuster assesses storm damage. The adjuster will, however, deduct a "depreciation" amount from the total compensation. The deprecation amount will be refunded, however, when the repair work is completed.

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