Roof Estimate - Roof Cost Calculator

The following tool is designed to give you a roof estimate showing the roof replacement cost. Just follow the steps below by entering some basic information regarding your home. It's simple and in seconds you will get a roof estimate. If you are not certain of the facts, give it your best guess; most likely it'll be close. This tool can provide a metal roofing price estimate such as stone coated metal or standing seam roofs in addition to standard composition roof option. Start now for your free instant roof estimate.

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1. Enter Square Footage of Home's Footprint

Note: This is the area of your home's footprint under your roof which includes the garage and any covered porches or patios. To get your home's footprint square footage, multiply length by width. Be sure to include any offset additions.
2. Select How Many Stories

Note: This takes into account special equipment we may need to replace your roof on higher rooftops.
3. Is Your Roof Steep?


Note: Your roof is considered "Steep" if you cannot safely walk on it. Special equipment may be needed on steep roofs.
4. How Many Layers of Shingles Currently?

Note: Many times, new shingles are put over old shingles when getting new roofing work done.
5. Select Desired Roofing Material
Roofing Example for Selection at Left