Low Roofing Costs, High Quality

The roofing industry and its customers are continuously benefiting from new roofing materials and products that are more durable, attractive and cost-effective than ever before. And because our representatives and installers know these product lines inside and out, they can make customized recommendations of the materials that will meet your needs while reducing your roofing costs estimate.

While the products themselves are very cost-effective, many of them can even help you reduce other monthly bills. Choosing class IV shingles typically results in great discounts on homeowner's insurance premiums, which you can use to help offset your new roof installation cost. If you're curious about making shingle choices that can help you save on your insurance expenses, call Alltex Roofing Systems today.

New Roof Installation Cost Control

Less scrupulous roofers won't think twice about springing unexpected charges on you when it's too late to turn back. But at Alltex Roofing Systems, we prefer to work with our customers to keep their new roof installation cost in line with their estimate. We have an excellent track record for sticking to our estimates because we're very thorough about calculating them. We're able to anticipate all of the roofing costs that might come up as a job moves along, and we always share the full details of these possibilities with our customers.

If previously unseen damage is revealed during the course of a job, we also notify the customer immediately, present the full range of options and wait for specific approval before going forward with any repairs or related work. If you've been getting anything less from the roofers you've worked with in the past, we urge you to hire us for your next job.

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