The Roofing Process

There are a number of things homeowners and building owners should be aware of regarding roof repair and installation:

Roof Replacement Roof Replacement
  1. Be aware this is a construction project and there will be noise and debris. Children love to watch what's going on with their house but they must be kept away from the perimeter of the worksite, ladders and equipment.
  2. We do our best not to drop debris into shrubbery or flower beds but it is sometimes unavoidable. Tell us if you have delicate flower beds or shrubbery that need special protection.
  3. Point out sprinkler heads along driveways and sidewalks. Your guidance can help us prevent damaging them.
  4. Roofing is a noisy job, including hammering and power equipment. In most instances we will finish the job, including a thorough cleanup, in less than two days.
  5. Loosely hung items on walls should be removed. Also, bring in flower pots or other yard objects close to the perimeter of the roof.
  6. If you have wood shingles, be aware that dust and debris particles will fall into the attic during the tear off process. You may want to cover some items in your attic with protective cloth or plastic.
  7. We will need access to a driveway for placement of the materials and our debris truck. Plan to park your vehicles in the street or elsewhere during the project.
  8. CLEANUP: We take pride in our workmanship. Much of it you can't see, such as the chalk-line marks we make for your valleys and ridges to make sure it's all straight. But the job is not done until it's clean. Your yard, sidewalk, driveway, patio and flower beds will be raked, then rolled with a magnet to pick up stray nails.

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Did you know...

The age of the roof is not taken into account when an adjuster assesses storm damage. The adjuster will, however, deduct a "depreciation" amount from the total compensation. The deprecation amount will be refunded, however, when the repair work is completed.

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