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Causes of Damage

Roofs can be damaged by a variety of things and become more susceptible the older they get. 
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Incorrect Installation

Bad or sloppy installation can significantly diminish the life of a roof.


Different roof materials have different designed lifespans.

Wind / Hail / Storm

Dallas roofs are subject to Dallas weather - straight line winds, hail, hard rain, and more can damage portions of a roof.


Termites, squirrels, rats, raccoons, and opossums all frequent Dallas attics.

Poor Maintenance

Many homeowners ignore common issues that degrade a roof's lifespan.

Repair vs. Replace

Accurate information is key
It's important to trust your roofing contractor. Some roofs really need to be replaced - but many do not. 

Alltex Roofing Systems will give you accurate information and guidance on the best approach to take given your roof's status, age, and material.

Common Roof Issues

A composition roof, the most common material, will be good for 18 – 24 years. After that time the material becomes brittle, and protective ceramic granules begin to slough off. Has the roof been damaged by hail or high winds? Storm damaged shingles may require minor repairs, or even a full roof replacement that will require finding a roofing company. Hail is the greatest threat to a roof. Large stones (golf ball or larger) can bruise or puncture a shingle, shortening its life significantly. Hail damage constitutes an insurable loss and a full roof replacement is usually required to pass roof inspection.

Is there significant granular loss? Older roofs (usually more than 12 years old) tend to have a noticeable degree of granular loss. This loss is accelerated if the roof has been damaged by hail. Another major factor leading to granular loss, which may require shingle repair or replacement, is excessive attic heat. Adding soffit vent, and increasing attic ventilation will help in attic cooling. Are penetration flashings in good condition? Plumbing pipes, which penetrate the roof, must have a protective flashing around them to protect against water entry. A rubber boot snugs against the pipe, providing that protection. If the boot is cracked or has shrunk it should be replaced by a roofing company.

Chimney, Skylight, and Other Flashings: Wherever a hole has been cut in the roof, the edges must be properly sealed. Roof inspectors from a roofing company look to see if the flashings (usually galvanized metal strips) are properly fastened to the decking, as nails tend to back out over time. Are there any missing or cracked shingles? Frequent offenders are areas where overhanging tree limbs have rubbed the granules off the shingles. Repairing shingles or replacing shingles may be required in order to pass roof inspection.

Roof Overlays: Some roofs have been installed on top of an older roof, as opposed to having removed the old roof before new roof installation. This was common practice 15-20 years ago, but home inspectors are becoming more reluctant to pass an overlay, especially if the bottom layer is wood shingles. Some insurance companies will not insure a wood shingle overlay causing you to pay for damage out of pocket.

Dry Rot: Inspectors usually require replacing areas where wood is continually exposed to moisture and has caused the wood to rot. Deck surfaces in valley areas, fascia boards around the perimeter of the roof, and soffit boards are the most susceptible to dry rot. Unless the roof inspector recommends a full replacement, most roofs can be repaired for a few hundred dollars. Alltex will provide an inspection and a cost proposal based on the inspector’s report at no cost. A wide variety of services beyond roof repair and roof replacement are available through Alltex as your roofing care provider, including residential and commercial applications. We have relationships with distributors of all types of materials, and experience in proper installation.

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