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Got hail? Buying or selling a property? Did straight line winds just rip through DFW? If you need a first or second opinion for insurance or a job - call us. 

For owners

Chances are you're here because you saw something that concerned you, or we just had a Texas sized storm. Let's talk about that. Small problems turn into big ones when you're dealing with brakes and roofs.

For buyers

Are you about to buy your dream house but the $28,000 roof wasn't installed properly and will be nothing but problems in 2 years? Does the roof look good? It's what's on the inside that counts. 

For sellers

Is your roof in unsellable shape?  Hidden or obvious damage may be a deal-breaker during inspection. What is the responsible and financially best way to bring it to spec? 

Get a 2nd opinion

For insurance

Insurance companies deny or underpay claims all the time. It helps your case to have documentation and evidence. Let us help.

For roof work

If you've already got a bid from a roofing company, we can make sure the work is actually required and is reasonably priced.


We inspect your entire roofing system end-to-end for the numerous signs of damage, poor installation, or "gotchas" that you'll want to know about before they become problems.
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Age and General Condition

We look for obvious signs of damage and assess the roofing material's lifespan.

Hail & Wind Damage

We look for obvious and subtle signs of hail and wind damage and document it.

Granular Loss

Over time shingles lose their protective coating. Excessive loss means a new roof is on the horizon. We assess how far this process has gone.

Roof Overlays

15-20 years ago, many roofers cut corners by installing a new roof on top of an old roof. This might make your roof uninsurable.


Wood continuously exposed to moisture may develop rot and become brittle.

Chimney & Skylight

Any hole in the roof must be treated properly to avoid structural decay over time.

Missing / Cracked Shingles

Abrasion from tree limbs or wind can cause shingles to go missing or become damaged. We assess mitigation strategies such as trimming tree limbs.


Metal flashings protect critical areas of your roof and divert water. We assess their condition.

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