Why Us

 If experience and longevity in the roofing companies Dallas TX profession has taught us anything, it is that, in order to rate a good customer review, three things must be checked off before our crews roll up to the job:

 First, we must understand our objective:  We must have a clear understanding about what the homeowner wants, and expects from us in order to make sure the roofing project meets expectations. We accomplish this by meeting with the homeowner with the objective of asking questions about what they are needing out of a roofing companies Dallas TX, then listening. Any company representative that talks more than he or she listens is tuning out the customer, and setting up for failure.  At Alltex we believe in checklists, and a checklist of questions for the customer is the beginning of the process for a successful project. Does the homeowner want to replace or repair the roof, and for what reason? I have met with prospects who think their roof needs to be replaced because it is of a certain age, and fear the insurer will cancel the policy of the roof is not changed out. In more than one instance, after inspecting the roof, I found that the roof had many years of life left in it, or needed only a couple of proactive repairs to keep it functioning well and insurable. 

 Other questions that must be explored include:  “Is the roof storm damaged, making it eligible for an insurable loss?”  In such a case, an Alltex roofing companies Dallas TX representative can help guide the homeowner through the sometimes onerous task of filing an insurance claim.

 Other issues include:  How much, what materials are available and appropriate, how long will the roofing project take, payment options, and are the crews well supervised? Homeowners should also know whether the roofing companies Dallas TX will obtain proper city permits, and is the company insured? (Alltex answers yes to both questions). Only after having a clear understanding between the homeowner and the roofing company can we take the next step toward the project.

Second, Thorough and Detailed Planning:  Once the objective is established, the task of planning the roofing companies Dallas TX project falls upon the Alltex Roofing Systems project manager, with the participation of the homeowner. Decisions regarding the type, brand, and color of the shingle to be used, along with other roof issues such as replacing and bad decking must be understood.  Alltex will bring to the homeowner’s attention any special requirements needed to build a solid, long lasting roof. For example, it may be discovered that a wood chimney case has dry rot at the bottom corners; Alltex might recommend new trim boards, or chimney chase panels to be installed to assure a leak free installation. Other roof related items that might need attention could include cracked skylights, inadequate roof ventilation, dry rot fascia, or poor gutter installation that needs repair.  In some instances, these items are insurable, and can be compensated for by filing of a Request for Supplement with the insurance carrier. Alltex is heavily experience as one of the best roofing companies Dallas TX in filing for supplements, as well in every other aspect of handling an insurance claim. 

 After a thorough plan is in place, and the homeowner has an understanding of what will be done, and how much it will cost, the next phase of the operation of ready to begin:

Third, Execution of The Project: This phase involves the logistics of getting the old roof off, and the new one on. Many steps are involved in making this happen and, again, it is the Alltex checklist that assures a successful installation.

A building permit from the proper jurisdiction must be obtained before the first shingle is ripped from the old roof. Alltex maintains the proper license with the required, general liability insurance in all jurisdictions in which roofing companies Dallas TX are required to work within. This is a vital part of the roof process.

Then, the right materials must be ordered, paid for, and delivered before work begins. As your roofing companies Dallas TX of choice, Alltex pays for all materials, and labor before the customer is asked to write the final check.  Occasionally, a mortgage company will ask the contractor to sign a lien waiver, assuring that all expenses from the project (labor and materials) have been paid, and the homeowner is not liable for any unpaid debt once the job is complete.  All materials are fully paid for (not on credit) in advance of the project beginning. Crews are paid immediately upon completion of the job. 

Once the materials have been delivered, and the crews are ready to tackle the job, we roll up around 7 a.m. to begin the set up, which includes protecting landscaping, swimming pools, doors, windows, and patios by covering them with tarps and/or sheets of plywood. We make sure that we are the roofing companies Dallas TX that has the most supervised, experienced, and respectful crews begin the job by removing the old shingles, and installing high quality synthetic felt underlayment over the entire roof surface.  This is after a thorough inspection of the decking for dry rot, or spongy areas. Crews are trained (and paid for) to look for bad decking; in order to provide a meaningful labor warranty, this roofing companies Dallas TX policy is to never shingle over bad decking. The remainder of the roofing process is to replace all flashings (plumbing stacks, heat vent base flashings, skylight and chimney step flashing), and other roof components such as attic vents and perimeter drip edge. We fasten the new shingles using 1 ¼” ring shank coil nails with five nails per shingle (6-8 nails on steep roofs). 

 After the new roof is complete, the final stage of this process is the cleanup. No roofing companies Dallas TX job is complete without a thorough magnetic sweep cleanup. Our crews sweep, power blow, and magnetically roll driveways, patios, sidewalks, and yards to remove all debris. Our goal is to do a cleanup well enough so the homeowner cannot tell we have been there. 

 In short, our customers write good reviews because of our simple but meaningful Checklist Checkoff: 

  •       Defining and Understanding the Objective

  •       Thorough and Detailed Planning

  •       Executing the Plan

 Only when we have achieved these goals will we ask a customer to write an objective review.