About Us

Jim Stewart, Owner of Alltex Roofing Systems is your one-call solution when you are looking for a roofing companies Dallas TX. If you want to repair or replace your roof with any of the new attractive materials now available then Alltex is who you should call! Alltex Roofing Systems is a North Texas residential and commercial roofing company based in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. We also do business in the greater Austin area including the Hill Country. Alltex has been serving homeowners and commercial property owners with first rate workmanship and premium materials since 1975, serving Texas homeowners for more than 30 years, with extensive experience in hail and wind related repairs. We can help choose the shingle or other roofing material right for your home or business within your budget. Jim Stewart and metal expert Wayne McEntire have provided the finest roofing companies Dallas TX installations for over 35 years.

Call Alltex before or after your adjuster comes for a no-charge evaluation of the damage. As your choice of roofing companies Dallas TX we’ll provide you with a report outlining materials, labor, and costs involved in making repairs. Adjusters frequently request written proposals from contractors as part of the claims process. Alltex works closely with homeowners to make sure the insurance provides a fair and adequate settlement to get the job done right. Alltex uses only proven products from quality manufacturers. All of our materials are precision milled with durable coatings that can stand up to the extremes of Texas weather. Call us and ask about our wide range of colors and styles. Alltex offers a complete line of residential and commercial roofing companies Dallas TX services, including flat, metal, and exotic material options. With the advent of insurance discounts for Class IV fire rated shingles, we are an authority on different brands and styles of shingles that qualify.

If you feel your property has been damaged by hail, high winds or other insurable causes such as debris strikes or tree rubs, Alltex can provide a free evaluation. We have extensive experience working with insurance companies to make sure our customers get a fair and full settlement. Call us and schedule an experienced field specialist to make a thorough inspection and provide you with a report on the damage, along with an itemized list of repairs and costs involved. One thing experience has taught us is that people consider their home an extension of their family and as your best choice for roofing companies Dallas TX want it cared for it the same manner. Alltex prides itself on the care we show our customers and their property. Our respect for you and your home is what has kept us in business for over 30 years.

We Provide:

  • References in every township where Alltex does business in as a roofing companies Dallas TX
  • Professional crews who work exclusively for Alltex and are respectful of homeowners’ property
  • A record of standing behind the Alltex warranty, and using materials only from manufacturers who likewise honor their warranties
  • A knowledge of the wide range of roofing material options
  • Extensive experience in working with insurance claims, making sure homeowners get a full and fair compensation for their damaged property
  • Personal attention on each job by the owner of the company
  • On going training in the roofing companies Dallas TX industry to stay up on materials, installation techniques, and safety measures for the crews, supervisors and the owner

There are a number of things homeowners and building owners should be aware of regarding roof repair and installation before contacting a roofing companies Dallas TX. Be aware this is a construction project and there will be noise and debris. Children love to watch what’s going on with their house but they must be kept away from the perimeter of the worksite, ladders and equipment.We do our best not to drop debris into shrubbery or flower beds but it is sometimes unavoidable. Tell us if you have delicate flower beds or shrubbery that need special protection. Point out sprinkler heads along driveways and sidewalks. Your guidance can help us prevent damaging them.

Roofing is a noisy job, including hammering and power equipment. In most instances we will finish the job, including a thorough cleanup, in less than two days. Loosely hung items on walls should be removed. Also, bring in flower pots or other yard objects close to the perimeter of the roof. If you have wood shingles, be aware that dust and debris particles will fall into the attic during the tear off process. You may want to cover some items in your attic with protective cloth or plastic. Any roofing companies Dallas TX will need access to a driveway for placement of the materials and our debris truck. Plan to park your vehicle in the street or elsewhere during the project.


We take pride in our workmanship as your best choice of roofing companies Dallas TX. Much of it you can’t see, such as the chalk-line marks we make for your valleys and ridges to make sure it’s all straight. But the job is not done until it’s clean. Your yard, sidewalk, driveway, patio and flower beds will be raked, then rolled with a magnet to pick up stray nails. Alltex is committed to listening to the customer’s needs, developing optimal solutions, then providing quality workmanship using the right methods and right materials. Alltex stands behind it’s work with a written, meaningful warranty.