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Residential Roofing

Your roof keeps everything you own and love safe. 
Make sure it's a good one.

Roof Services

We handle everything roof-related so you'll never need to call another company.
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Evaluation & Consultation

We evaluate your roof, recommend a course of action (if any), and consult with you.


Removal of your existing roofing solution if required.

Roof Decking

Inspection of your existing roof decking and repair or replacement if required.

New Roof Frameup

For larger jobs or for remodels, you might require a new roof foundation to be made.

Roof Pitch Changes

We can modify the pitch of your existing roof to suit your style or fix certain issues.

Professional Installation

We've been at this for over 30 years - we'll install whatever roof you pick the right way.

Chimney Crickets

If you have a chimney your roof will need a chimney cricket to aid water runoff.

Soffit & Fascia 

We can repair, replace, or add soffits and fascia.


We can assess your attic's ventilation and do whatever is needed to improve it, if needed.


We can add any required insulation, especially if new framing is completed.


Gutter installation to protect your plants and foundation from excessive water.

For Your Patio

We can create or update your patio roof, make seamless waterproof tie-ins to your home, and repair any damage.

Full Service

Your 1-stop-shop
Your new roof is more than just the material. You need the right framing, ventilation, and gutters. What about your patio? 

We do it all with just 1 call.
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Roof Materials

There are so many options - each with pros and cons. Let us help you pick the right material for your style, budget, architecture, and location.
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Composition Shingles

Composition shingles in 20-year, 30-year, and 40-year warranties.

Hail Resistant Shingles

Enjoy an insurance discount when you use shingles that are resistant to hail damage.

Lifetime Designer Shingles

The look of higher end materials for a more cost-effective price.

Wood Shingles

A unique beauty in many different appearance options.

Wood Shakes

Similar to shingles, but typically thicker in appearance with an uneven surface.

Quarried Slate 

Gorgeous, extremely durable, and one of the oldest roofing materials still in use today.

Synthetic Slate

The appearance of slate without the installation headaches or costs.


Beautiful and a statement piece to your property in a variety of appearances.

Barrel Tiles

Similar in appearance to the traditional spanish-style tile, but tapered on one end.

Metal Roofing

Gorgeous, durable, and just gets more beautiful with age.

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